Our showroom

Druga perspektiva’s greatest pride and even greater benefit is our showroom with more than 5000 props available for rent! Our showroom spreads over 4,500 square meters of space and includes a 1,300 square meter exhibition pavilion, which makes it easy for you to view and order props for rent. If you cannot visit us in person, you can also view & rent our props online).

We are proud that our collection of props leaves an impression on every visitor – we always get asked how much time, instinct and talent it took us to collect all of these great props. The answer is – lots! But time is not the only resource needed to build such a collection. It also took lots of love and a lot of good energy that we believe all our visitors and clients feel when they set foot into our showroom.

Showroom pavillion

The showroom is superbly organized, equipped with pallet racks and display cases, which keep it neat and tidy with each piece in its place, allowing us to promptly find and deliver props in stock. Our regular customers always praise us for being fast, accurate, precise and professional – and this is the secret to how we do it 😊. Another commendation we often get is that we can be trusted to find props that seem impossible to find. We owe it to the aforementioned good instincts, but also great perseverance.

Visit us

In addition to the futuristic pavilion that is the central and largest part of our showroom, you’ll also find a quaint wooden house on the right with a nice porcelain tiled stove – this is where our offices and conference rooms are located. On the left of the entrance there’s also a green house and a workshop, which both contain our props. Even our headquarters is an eccentric combination of seemingly incompatible styles, but is in reality very functional and inspiring. We feel this matches our out of the box company narrative. 😊

We’ll be happy to have you over

Get in touch

Announce your arrival by phone or e-mail and we’ll be happy to host you, show you our props and discuss what you need for your event or filming. When you enter the yard, just go to the right of the garden gnomes and you’ll find our office!

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